LMCI Online Training

Online Leadership & Professional Development Education

The Painters and Allied Trades Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI) is now offering Online Leadership and Professional Development Education courses to eligible personnel.

Over 65 courses are available! These FREE courses are available to you anytime, from anywhere you can access the internet. Each IFCA contractor is limited to 10 ACCESS LOG-INS!

The courses combine multiple learning styles – audio, video, e-text, expert tips, step-by-step processes and lots of hands-on practice to develop your competence in the top design software in the world. It's an online education platform designed to replicate your best classroom experiences, and works as a full course for new users and a searchable reference tool for intermediate and advanced users.

To request access, please fill the online application form or print out the pdf version and return to Rose Hood. Upon review and approval, your access information will be emailed to you with the email provided in the form. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the LMCI office at 888-934-6474.


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