HazTek–Specializing in Safety and Savings

HazTek specializes in safety...AND in saving their clients' money and time. HazTek's performances have netted them-and their clients-the 2011 Governor's Safety Award in New Jersey, the National Safety Award, and many others. They are a full-service, objective safety partner that can protect your people, your property, your project schedule, and your bottom line from the high costs of workplace accidents.

HazTek is not affiliated with OSHA, EPA, DOT or any governmental regulatory body, but they are fully familiar with all their requirements. While many companies compete with parts of what HazTek does, few offer the full breadth of services or depth of expertise. And, unlike other companies, they don't make safety a "sideline" while focusing on selling you products or equipment. They are a "one-stop shop" for comprehensive safety services at competitive prices, able to manage your construction site safety without any conflict of interest. HazTek can help you meet deadlines and improve your bottom line, while making your company more competitive and helping to get your employees home safely.

The benefits of safety go straight to your bottom line. A strong, company-wide safety culture can reduce time and money lost to accidents and job shutdowns. It can improve employee productivity, loyalty and morale. It can even help your company attract and retain clients that value safety as much as you do.

The bottom line: Safety is an investment, not an expense, and it's an investment that pays everyone in your company dividends every day.