Contract Negotiations

After many negotiation meetings with the carpenters, the finishers and the laborers, we came to terms with each partner before our contracts expired.  

Both sides raised concerns ... some specific to their trade ... others about market share and its challenges.

The carpenters settled first.  Thanks to EST Bill Sproule and his representatives for working with us to successfully complete our two year wage reopener.  I'd also like to thank IFCA's Negotiation Committee - Geoff Furtaw, President; Carl Doerr, Chairperson; Evan Lambros & Jeremy Kramer.

The tapers settled second.  I'd like to thank Matt Cortez and his representatives for working with us to settle our 4 year deal.  Sending out a thank-you too to our committee representatives -- Dan Vecchio, Chairperson; Evan Lambros; Keith Donmoyer and Tommy Clerkin.

Lastly we settled with the laborers.  I'd like to thank Business Manager Ryan Boyer and his team for listening, engaging and resolving our 2 year contract.  Thanks to our committee representative, too, Mike Schillinger.

Catie, our union partners and me are paid to negotiate these contracts.  We rely heavily on our contractors to care enough out our industry to spend the time and energy necessary to achieve successful negotiations.

By now the membership has received emailed copies of all of the Memorandums of Agreements and Rate Sheets (DOCS are contained on our web site too which is password protected).

We hope to meet quarterly with all trades to create new ideas to grow market share.

Enjoy your summer!


Kim Clerkin, Ex. Dir.