IFCA’s President - Geoffrey Furtaw

IFCA Friends,

I think all of us can agree that  2020 has been a unique year so far.  Although the pandemic has affected us all personally and professionally, as an association, we remain committed to overcoming this unprecedented challenge together.


While we all attempt to adapt to the "new normal," IFCA continues to advocate for its membership through ongoing communication with our labor partners, the Board of Directors and legal counsel. Furthermore, in an effort to navigate the uncertainty and provide clarity, our law firm, our lobbyist and our safety consultant are engaged on our behalf to provide guidance.


At the State level, I am hopeful that we will be successful in our pursuits to pass the anti-indemnification bill (HB 1887) in the Pennsylvania Legislature later this year.  In Washington, FCA & SWACCA are relentlessly lobbying on behalf of the union construction industry especially with respect to multi-employer pension reform and preservation of Davis-Bacon prevailing wage laws. Now more than ever, it is vitally important that both organizations receive IFCA's continued financial support.

Locally, as we work to resume pre-pandemic levels of employment, our union partnerships have shown how solid relationships can strengthen in the face of adversity.  Job sites look differently these days, but union construction in Philadelphia is both resilient and enduring. IFCA Contractors still employ the most qualified workforce, promote the highest safety standards and produce the best product.


And now some good news! As of this writing, I am happy to report that the annual IFCA Golf Outing will take place this fall as expected although the format is still evolving. And even though the pandemic has changed the way we conduct association business, I am cautiously optimistic that we will be able to resume some in person meetings and group programing as we approach the end of the year.


If you have suggestions on how we can improve or enhance our offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kim, Catie, or myself.


Geoff Furtaw, Ceilings Inc.